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About Us


ToolsGS, a division of G-S Supplies, Inc, is a premium source for quality precision tools and supplies for artisans, technicians, jewelers, manufacturers and hobbyists. We offer an extensive selection of tools for both beginners and professionals for jewelry making, beading, model building, fine scale modeling and miniatures, railroading, metal working, wood carving, doll making, watch making, clock making, ceramics, and collecting. ToolsGS is your source for creative solutions. Purchase our products at the ToolsGS store at Amazon.com

Parent company G-S Supplies Inc, formerly Germanow-Simon, is a family-owned and operated company founded in Rochester, New York in 1916. Our company is the originator and developer of plastic watch crystals. Today, our company stocks thousands of plastic and glass watch crystals, and supplies products to watchmakers, gauge and instrument companies, jewelry designers, and manufacturers of machinery and equipment. In addition, we custom manufacture glass and plastic designs for wearable technology, equipment displays, readouts, hand-held devices, custom jewelry and watch designs. We also manufacture and distribute specialty tools and adhesives, including G-S Hypo Cement, an optically clear adhesive with a unique, built-in precision applicator. This product is manufactured in Rochester, NY and distributed worldwide for precision assembly in many industries.

Our legacy has always been and continues to be one of quality products and exceptional customer service. For more information about us or our products, please feel free to email or call today.